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FlexC® 65, Style A, Pull-back, Dead-Length® Workstop, A2-8 Spindle

V65 8A01450

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Item weight: 45.0 lbs

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Spindle Size A2-8
Spindle Type American Standard
Nose Length (Dec. In.) .845"
Overall Chuck Length (Dec. In.) 5.442
Overall Chuck Diameter (Dec. In.) 5.442
Nose Diameter (Dec. In.) 4.736
Type FlexC®
Spindle Capacity 65mm
Actuation Style Pull-back
Dead-Length® Workstop Yes
TIR (inch) .0002"
Grip Range (+/- inch) 0.02
Brand Hardinge
Overall Chuck Length (mm) 138.23
Nose Length (mm) 21.46
Nose Diameter (mm) 120.3
Overall Chuck Diameter (mm) 138.23
Material Steel
Chuck Type Dead-Length
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The Hardinge FlexC® Style A Collet System consists of a spindle mount assembly. Vulcanized collet heads and wrenches are purchased separately. The Style A Dead-length® Collet System can be used as a thru-hole for bar work or with a work stop for chucking. The clamping heads consist of hardened steel segments that are joined together by a vulcanization process. Their outstanding characteristics include parallel workpiece clamping, superb accuracy with a minimum of deformation of the work piece, and quick-change capability. If the Hardinge FlexC® Style A Collet System is used as a dead-length system the work stop is inserted into the workstop adapter. When part length control is not required the work stop can be removed.

The Hardinge FlexC® Style A Collet System is a pull-back system. The collet draws in against a stationary work stop for part length control providing very stable gripping of the workpiece. The overall rigidity of the entire gripping unit has a very positive effect on tool wear. You can "short grip" parts by machining a special work stop to the desired length.

The Style A quick change is a pull back design with a dead length work stop. The collet draws in the part against a stationary workstop for part length control. The workstop is removable for bar work. Providing a +/- .020" grip range, accuracy up to .0004

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