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FlexC® 65 Emergency Quick-Change Collet

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Type FlexC®
Spindle Capacity 65mm
Order Hole Shape Emergency
Brand Hardinge
Material Steel

Even with the best of planning, emergencies arise when you may require a stepped, odd size or special-shaped collet. Use a Hardinge FlexC® 65 Emergency Collet. The soft face and pilot hole permit rapid drilling, boring or stepping out to the exact size required. A boring ring is required (not included) for precision machining. 

Hardinge has invested in the latest vulcanized machines made by DESMA, a world leader in injection molding technology. The vulcanization process joins the collet segments together as a one-piece unit. Vulcanized rubber has elasticity for repeated opening and closing over the life of the collet that makes it ideal for a quick change product. It will not become brittle and is resistant to coolant. It also prevents chips from entering the collet system. Hardinge test results from repeated cycles of collet actuation assure long life of the vulcanization process.
Hardinge guarantees a collet head concentricity of .0002" (.005mm) TIR for round smooth after the segments are joined in the vulcanization process. Collets change in just seconds.


Why Buy a Hardinge FlexC® Quick-Change Collet System?

  • 10x the grip range of standard collets +/-.020"
  • 100mm Collets +/-.040"
  • 2x as accurate (.0004 TIR)
  • True parallel gripping
  • Up to 19x faster changeover compared to standard collets or 3 Jaw Chucks
  • Lifetime guarantee on collet vulcanization
  • Fully interchangeable with competitor models (42, 65, and 100mm)


FlexC® Design Upgrades

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Capable of accepting Hardinge Quick Change Adapters
  • Compact Design: Compact design allows for optimal tool clearances and maximum machining workspace
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured and assembled in the USA with top grade materials and inspection processes.
  • Accuracy Improvements: .0002" TIR on the closing angle of the chuck
  • 10x the Grip Range: Grip range of +/- .020” allowing for part size variation. 42, 65, 80, +/- .040" on 100mm collets
California Residents

WARNING: product can expose you to chemicals, such as lead, including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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