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User Manuals

Document Name Document # File Size
1C Low-Pressure Dead-Length Collet Block Instructions, 77990000000090 77990000000090 244kb
3C Low-Pressure Dead-Length Collet Blocks Instructions, 77990000000089 77990000000089 225kb
3J High-Pressure Dead-Length Collet Blocks Instructions, 77990000000093 77990000000093 175kb
5C & 16C Dead Length Collets, Step Chucks, Ejector Stops Instructions and Parts List BB-0009500-0077 310kb
5C and 16C Master Expanding Collets Instruction Sheet 146kb
5C Collet Block 816kb
5C Dead-Length Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000097 7799-00-00-000097 286kb
5C High-Pressure Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000095 7799-00-00-000095 176kb
5C Threaded-Nose Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000087 7799-00-00-000087 240kb
5C Tri-Grip Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000088 7799-00-00-000088 406kb
5C Universal Collet Stop Instruction Sheet 261kb
16C Collet Block 539kb
16C Dead Length Collet Block, 7799-00-00-00096 7799-00-00-00096 272kb
16C Dead Length Step Chuck Mounting Instructions 65kb
16C Dead Length Work Stop Mounting Instructions & Parts List 45kb
16C High Pressure Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000094 7799-00-00-000094 173kb
16C Model S Expanding Collet Assembly (older style) 337kb
16C Universal Spindle Stop 478kb
16C-to-5C Spindle Collet Adapter 298kb
20C Dead-Length Step Chuck 177kb
20C,25C-to-16C Spindle Collet Adapter 239kb
22J High-Pressure Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000092 7799-00-00-000092 176kb
35J High-Pressure Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000091 7799-00-00-000091 176kb
A2-5 16C Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000086 7799-00-00-000086 248kb
A2-5 to A2-5 16C & A2-6 to A2-5 16C Spindle Adapter 247kb
Adapter for A2-5 16C to #22 B&S 151kb
AF Master Feed Fingers and Pads Instruction Sheet 137kb
B-65 Teflon Sleeve 34kb
B-X Style Adj. Tension Feed Fingers 89kb
B42,B60 Dead-Length Collet Chucks for Talent Machines 276kb
Bar Puller for All CNC, Automatic, and Manual Lathes Instructions and Parts List B-0009500-0070 442kb
Cast Iron Spindle Tooling Safety Instruction Sheet 45kb
Chuck Mounting Instructions 537kb
Collet Block Quick-Disconnect System 368kb
Collet Chucks B-65, B-42 & #22 B&S 1.4mb
Collet Seals Instruction Sheet 206kb
DA Collet Holder 87kb
Dead-Length Collet Chucks 486kb
DIN Buck Chuck Parts List 130kb
Emergency Collet Pads Instruction Sheet 517kb
Emergency Collets Instructions & Part Numbers 204kb
Emergency Expanding Collets Instruction Sheet 184kb
Emergency Step Chucks Instruction Sheet 477kb
Extended-Nose Emergency Collets Instructions 211kb
FlexC 42mm Collet System Style A Instructions 280kb
FlexC 42mm Collet System Style D Instructions 239kb
FlexC 42mm Collet System Style DL Instructions 305kb
FlexC 65mm Collet System Style A Instructions 323kb
FlexC 65mm Collet System Style D Instructions 240kb
FlexC 65mm Collet System Style DL Instructions 392kb
FlexC 65mm Low Profile Collet System Style DL Instructions 911kb
FlexC 80mm Collet System Style A Instructions 353kb
FlexC 80mm Collet System Style DL Instructions 232kb
FlexC Boring Ring Assemblies 189kb
FlexC Quick Change Collets Instructions 132kb
GT Adapt. 5C to #11 B&S 383kb
How to Seal Collet Slots 31kb
HQC & Hydraulic Wrench Installation Instructions 67kb
HQC Installation 73kb
Knurl Tool 91kb
Operating Instructions for Mini 1 Air Valves 88kb
Quick Change Jaw Chucks 165kb
Rotary Servo Control User Manual 3.2mb
Rotary User Manual, DD100 DD100 1mb
Rotary User Manual, DD200 DD200 1.1mb
Rotary User Manual, DD300 DD300 986kb
Rotary User Manual, GD5C2 GD5C2 2.1mb
Rotary User Manual, GD16C2 & GD3J2 GD16C2 & GD3J2 1.8mb
Rotary User Manual, GD160LP GD160LP 1.8mb
Rotary User Manual, GD210LP GD210LP 2mb
Rotary User Manual, Tailstocks 1.4mb
Rotary, 4th-axis Beta-i Drive Installation for Bridgeport GX480 GX480 1.2mb
Rotary, Plate & Cube Trunnion User Manual 1.6mb
Setup and Operations for a Hardinge Index Control 4.4mb
Sjogren Parts List 962kb
Style-S Master Collets and Pads Instruction Sheet 78kb
Sure Grip 3J, 5C & 16C 603kb
Sure Grip 16C, 20C, 25C, A2-5, A2-6 & A2-8 463kb
Sure-Grip Center Arbor Instructions and Parts List B82A 466kb
Sure-Grip Expanding System FAQs 3.1mb
Sure-Grip Power Chuck User Manual (Part 1) 6.7mb
Sure-Grip Power Chuck User Manual (Part 2) 5.8mb
Taper Nose Spindle 179kb
Threaded Stops Parts List 140kb
Manual VDI Tool Presetter System Instructions 157kb
Kurt HD6 Series Manual & Hydraulic Base Assembly