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5DS Dead Length Thru-Hole Collet Assembly without Inner Collet


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Collet Series C
Style 5C
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Thru-hole collets are ideal for bar work and long workpieces. Bar stock up to 3 ⁄4" in diameter can pass "through" the 5C collet, while maintaining part length control. The 16C Collet allows for bar stock up to 13⁄16". With the Dead-Length Collet feature, the bar stock will not draw back from the stock stop.

In use, the outer collet threads directly into the collet closer draw bar. The bar stock is then fed through the collet and located against the turret-mounted stock stop. As the closer is actuated, the draw bar pulls the outer collet into the machine spindle, allowing the inner collet to contract and accurately grip the stock. Because the inner collet is springloaded against the spindle face, no end movement is possible.

Hardened, precision-machined or emergency collets can be used as the inner collet. The 5C hardened, precisionmachined collets are available in sizes 1⁄32" to 3⁄4", inclusive by 1⁄32" increments. Over-capacity sizes, available for chucking work are: 25⁄32", 13⁄16", 27⁄32", and 7⁄8" (cannot be used for bar work). The low-cost emergency inner collet has a soft face with pins for machining and a 1⁄8" pilot hole to permit boring to size in the machine spindle for exacting concentricity. The inner collet is keyed to the outer collet to maintain location and original bored accuracy. The pins used for machining can be saved for stepping out the collet on future jobs.

Buy the complete assembly one time, and then just buy the inner collets when needed. Use in any machine or fixture with a 5C/16C spindle and collet draw bar.

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WARNING: product can expose you to chemicals, such as lead, including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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