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B3X #11 Brown & Sharpe Adjustable Tension Sleeve


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$56.00 USD / Each

Machine Type Brown & Sharpe
Style 11
Machine Model #0

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Hardinge® Adjustable Tension Master Feed Fingers for Brown & Sharpe, Cone and Davenport Machines

To Apply Pads to the Master Feed Finger:

1. Turn the sleeve until it is flush with the threaded end of the feed finger.

2. Insert the wrench into the slotted end of the feed finger using the end of the wrench marked “change pads”.

3. Swing the wrench downward 90 degrees to open the master feed finger.

4. Insert one pad section into the master so that the integral lug fits in the hole. Insert the second pad section.

5. Swing the wrench back up to the original position and remove the wrench.

To Remove Pads from the Master Feed Finger:

1. Remove the master feed finger from the feed tube.

2. Back the sleeve until it is flush with the end of the thread.

3. Insert the wrench and swing it 90 degrees to open the master feed finger.

4. Hold the feed finger pad end down to a table and shake out the pads.

Adjusting the Tension:

The tension or grip on the stock may be increased or decreased to suit your particular feeding requirements by turning the adjusting sleeve. With the feed finger in the feed tube, screw the sleeve tight on the body by hand. Increase tension by turning the sleeve while gripping it with a standard wrench on the flats. Place the end of the feed finger wrench marked “adjust tension” in the slot to hold the feed finger from turning. Correct tension can be obtained for each job by trial. Apply a lubricant between the sleeve and the feed finger to make adjustments easier.

In operation, the rear of the sleeve is always locked against the front of the feed tube to prevent loss of adjustment and act as a lock nut on the feed finger.

The Style "B" Master Feed Finger and Pads are uniquely designed and proven by over fifty years of use in the machine tool industry. The straight-forward design allows for full bearing of the pad ID on the workpiece. There are no screws or tabs to wear or to remove bearing area from the pad's ID. The master feed fingers are spring tempered to the proper gripping tension for maximum longevity. Custom master feed fingers can be easily and quickly manufactured at Hardinge to give extremely light grip, or heavier grip for nonstandard applications. The use of Style "B" Master Feed Fingers will assure you of minimum downtime on your production floor.

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WARNING: product can expose you to chemicals, such as lead, including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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