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FlexC® 100mm Part Stop Assembly with Air Blast, 12mm Tube

V100 9000120

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$675.00 USD / Each

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Type Quick Change
Spindle Capacity 100mm

Air or Coolant blast are useful options for automated machining operations. For example, it can be used to clean swarf out of the part and chuck after each cycle, ensuring the loator and chuck are free of chips to accept the next part.

Alternately, this feature may be used to proivde additional coolant to the cutting area when turning ID bores.

Hardinge offers both internal part stop accessories for all sizes of FlexC® Chucks. The standard type is a multi-ported part stop, for providing multiple jets of air or coolant to clean out the chuck. Combined with the associated "Kit" that includes the rotating union and feed tube this system can be easily set up on your machine spindle.

Key Features

  • Internal work stops available with single port which can be machined to size by customer.
  • Hardinge can design versions for more complex solutions
  • Standard design is for 12mm air tube. Hardinge can customize for various port sizes.
California Residents

WARNING: product can expose you to chemicals, such as lead, including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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