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#400, #500, #600 Expanding Collet Locating Pin


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$30.00 USD / Each

Type Sure-Grip®
Style #400
#600 Expanding Collet Draw Plug 18530000000600
#600 Round Sure-Grip® Expanding Collet 600-expanding-round-collet
#600 A2-8 Expanding Collet Arbor 18670000000600
#400 Grinding Arbor Assembly 22310000000400
#400 Sure-Grip® Expanding Collet Grinding Arbor 22330000000400
#400 Arbor Nut 22370000000400
#400 Arbor Spacer 22350000000400
#600 A2-6 Expanding Collet Assembly 18570000000600
#600, A2-6, Expanding Arbor, 4" Capacity 18590000000600
#500/#600 A2-6 Talent 8/52 Adapter 78790090852600
#600 A2-8 Expanding Collet Assembly 18790000000600
A2-8 #500/#600 Blank Adapter 78830000500600
#500/#600 20C Draw Bar Adapter 78770000500600
#500 Round Sure-Grip® Expanding Collet 500-expanding-round-collet
#500 A2-6 Expanding Collet Assembly 18570000000500
#500, A2-6, Expanding Arbor, 3" Capacity 18590000000500
O-Ring OR 0001416
#500 Expanding Collet Draw Plug 18530000000500
#400 16C Draw Bar Adapter 78730000000400
#400 A2-5 Blank Adapter 78750000000400
#400 A2-5 to Talent Linkup 78750090645400
Expanding Arbor Keyscrew 78710000000000

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The Sure-Grip® Arbor assembly is designed to be used on grinding machines and lathes. The arbor can be held between centers or chucked on one end and supported by a center on the other end. This expanding arbor assembly style is manually adjusted. The arbors have a precision locating shoulder and diameter so you can fabricate custom workpiece stops. Maximize your productivity by using two arbors. While one part is running, load the next part on the second arbor. Load the second arbor into the spindle when the first part is done. This is a big time saver when chucking one end of the arbor in a collet. Sure-Grip Expanding Collets are available in 1⁄64" increments and a full range of metric sizes. The range of each collet is +.015" to -.001" (+.38 to -.025mm) from its specified size. For example, a 1.000" (25.40mm) expanding collet will hold work with a bore measuring .999" (25.37mm) to 1.015" (25.78mm), eliminating the need for decimal sizes.

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