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AF4 Chrome Pad 11/32" Round

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Style "AF" Master Feed Finger Pads

The "AF" master feed finger pads are designed to give you extreme flexibility with a very small investment. Each set of pads has a range of 1⁄32" adjustment down, reducing the inventory of pads required. Each click on the adjusting collar adds or subtracts between 5 to 7 pounds of pressure on the bar stock. This master outshines all others when feeding thinwall tubing. If the stock you run is very abrasive, these pads can be adjusted to maintain the force required to feed your stock when competitive pads would have to be replaced. This master feed finger may not have the full range of your collet, but within its range it will prove to be a real boost to your productivity and it will reduce your overall operating cost.

The Hardinge style "AF" feed finger is versatile, adjusting quickly and easily to the tension you need. The style "AF" feed finger uses inexpensive pads which are readily available from stock. Each master feed finger includes a threaded locking cap which rotates to adjust in five- to seven-pound increments to increase or decrease tension. For thin-wall tubing and delicate stock, extremely light tension can be achieved. Because the style "AF" master feed finger can be adjusted to hold greater variations of bar stock sizes, you'll need to purchase fewer pads than with most other types of master feed fingers. Pads, which are sold separately and are required with each master, are held securely in place without screws. Guide bushings are sold separately and are recommended to minimize bar whip.

Dependable and Versatile. The guide bushings control bar whip to minimize feed "hangups" and allow a better finish on the part being machined. A variety of inexpensive pads can be used to adjust to different bar stock diameters. A full 1⁄32" adjustment can be achieved from the rated size down. This eliminates the need for decimal/millimeter pads and pads in 1⁄64" increments.

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WARNING: product can expose you to chemicals, such as lead, including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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