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FlexC® 100 Boring Ring


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Type Quick Change
Spindle Capacity 100mm
Brand Hardinge
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The 42mm boring ring has three pins, while the 65mm boring ring has six pins to match the pin designs in the emergency collet heads. The Hardinge FlexC Boring Ring Assemblies are used to firmly position the FlexC emergency collet for machining and must not be attempted without a ring.

Installing an Emergency Collet Head:

Installing or changing of the collet head is possible only when the chuck is in the unclamped position. Prior to inserting the emergency collet head, you must clean the taper of the collet seat and the mating taper of the collet head. Lightly oil the collet head taper and collet seat before installing. Fully insert the pins of the manual wrench into the holes in the face of the emergency collet head. Actuate or pull the lever to compress the segments before inserting it into the adapter. Insert, applying light pressure. Orient the keyway in the collet head with the key in the collet seat. To release the collet head from the manual wrench, you must press on the release button. CAUTION: When actuating the manual wrench, never reach inside the moving parts where there is risk of injury to your hand.

Installing the Boring Ring and boring to the desired size:

Manually insert the boring ring pins into the collet pin holes. Close the collet to clamp the boring ring pins. Drill and bore to the desired size. Open the collet and remove the boring ring. Remove the collet using the manual wrench. Deburr the collet as required. Clean the taper of the collet seat and the mating taper of the collet head again before reinserting the emergency collet. Adjust the clamping pressure if needed and you are now ready to run parts. CAUTION: In general the collet system should never be closed or rotated without a work piece or closer.

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WARNING: product can expose you to chemicals, such as lead, including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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